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面試感謝信應該寫什麼呢 ?(附有學生範文)



  1. 提及面試時候與面試官溝通過的一些有趣的題目

  2. 再重新講述自己為什麼想我去這間學校, 例如學校的辦學理念,學校的特別活動,課程等等

  3. 提及一些在面試時沒有機會講述的話題 (當然這些話題是要與自己的定位或特長有關)



Dear Mr. Xxx,

Thank you for your time today. It was great having a chance to sit down and talk to you about myself and the school. I am glad we both share a passion for football. You having the opportunity to have coached against a soon-to-be rookie quarterback for the Washington Redskins was really interesting to hear about. You guys are having a great season so far. When I visited, your football team’s record was 3-1. I wish you the best for the rest of the season and hopefully one day I’ll get to play on that team too.

While Redbrick School has a long history, it was surprising to see that all the programs and facilities are so modern and unique. During the school tour, the school’s theater was incredible. As someone who is interested in drama and acting, I am very excited and enthusiastic about being in a theatre production at Redbrick School. Although I didn’t have a detailed and close look at the zoo at Redbrick School, it was very impressive hearing about it from you. I also saw students taking notes and taking care of animals when I walked by. Having gone through a similar program at My School, called the “Living Lab” where I also had to take care of animals, I find the freshman mandatory task of taking care of the zoo very relatable. The program at My School, although smaller-scaled, and definitely less grand, helped me develop a sense of responsibility. I learned to really take my commitments seriously through the mini-program, so I can’t fathom how a bigger version of that could further help me develop as someone who is striving to become a better leader. It was great speaking to you. Hopefully, we can stay in touch.


John Doe

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