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How to start a dialogue with college representatives

Between summer and the university application deadlines, there’ll be plenty of college fairs & seminars happening all over the world. While we believe the best way to understand more about a university is to actually visit the campus itself, these college fairs & seminars do provide an easy opportunity for students to establish some sort of communication with the school that might prove to be valuable later on (that’s if communication with the college representative is consistent and insightful).

In this article, we’ll cover what you should do when you get an opportunity to speak with a college representative:

  1. Introduce yourself: Tell them your Name, Year, Commitments at school, and potential major in college. (don’t bore them with minute details)

  2. Tell them why you like the school and what you like about the school’s particular department that you wish to enter. This means you’ll have to do some research about the university before talking to the representative. (DON’T MENTION RANKINGS) Bonus: If you’ve previously visited the school, tell them what your first impressions were. (this would most likely impress them)

  3. Ask them questions about the culture and unique traits of the school. An example of a good question: What kind of students are your university looking for that might be  different from other schools? An example of a bad question: Do freshmen have to live in dormitories? (DON’T ASK THEM THINGS THAT ARE LISTED ON THE WEBSITE)

  4. Ask them for their business card!

Congratulations! Now after following these few steps, your dialogue with the college representative is just getting started. The most difficult yet crucial thing to do next is to STAY IN TOUCH. Even if you’re the most remarkable student on earth, the chances are that the college representatives might forget about you the next day. That’s why it’s important that you send them a thank you email that very night!

Our next article will cover how you can maintain a meaningful conversation with college representatives throughout the year and why you should do so.

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